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So special and unique

like the cashmere goats themselves


"Pashmina", also known as cashmere, is the softest, most delicate, feather-light, finest and insulating fibre there is. It comes from the undercoat of the pashmina goat (capra hircus), a goat that lives in the Himalayas at altitudes over 3000 meters above sea level.


The outer layer fibers of the pashmina goat are not used for our scarves, as they are comparatively coarser and thicker. Only the inner layer, which measures approximately 16.6 micrometers, is specified for use as a pashmina (by comparison, a human hair measures approximately 50 micrometers).



Animal friendly



Every spring, the goat's fur is combed to prepare them for the hot summer; this necessary process is relatively painless. Pashmina fibers thus obtained are spun into thin yarn then woven to make various types of pashmina products such as blankets, shawls, stoles, as well as sweaters, cardigans, etc. This sophisticated handicraft of the weavers makes  "pashmina" a special product worldwide .


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