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Unique. High Quality. Fair Trade. 

1001 Pashminas is a young company for high-quality and fashionable pashmina scarves.


Our range includes handwoven cashmere scarves from the Indian region of Kashmir and Nepal, Nepalese handwoven yak wool scarves, fine shawls and stoles made of merino wool and vegan (bamboo) textiles.


Ethically made products.

Our vision is to offer a wide range of high quality products that are 100% ecological and animal friendly and meet an increasing demand for ethical products.

Our pashmina collection (100% cashmere) consists of wool from pashmina goats from Ladakh, the Indian region in Jammu, Kashmir and Nepal.

We visited these places ourselves and made sure that the pashmina goats that are used to make the wool are treated in an animal-friendly manner.

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