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Merino Wool Pashmina - Flowers & Birds printed

Merino Wool Pashmina - Flowers & Birds printed


Material: 100% wool (merino wool)

Color: gray, colorful

The traditional pashmina is an incredibly light shawl that owing to its special weave, ensures a noble and smooth structure.

Colour: gray
SKU: 0164P
  • This accessory's fibre is so fine that it can be pulled through the smallest ring. The delicate open fringed hem rounds off the luxurious appearance of this extraordinary accessory. Made from pure merino wool, it offers a wide range of combination options as a scarf or stole.


    In spring and summer it can be worn as a light shawl, while in autumn and winter, it does an excellent job and keeps you warm in fall and winter.


    Size: 200cm long and 70cm wide.


    All of our pashminas are delivered in stylish and handmade gift box.

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