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Hand-woven Yak Wool Stole XXL for Unisex

Hand-woven Yak Wool Stole XXL for Unisex


Material: 40% yak wool, 40% wool, 20% viscose

Color: black & grey

This XXL extra thick and soft yak wool scarf is the ideal companion for cold days. This scarf was handcrafted with wool derived from the undercoat of Nepalese highland cattle (Yak) renowned for its heat-insulating properties

Colour: grau
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SKU: 0496XL
  • It is the perfect accessory for both women and men and gives your outfit a special accent.



    A great advantage of soft yak wool is that, unlike sheep's wool, it does not irritate the skin due to its delicacy. It is also breathable and self-cleaning - it is often enough to ventilate it. This scarf was handcrafted and fairly traded in Nepal.


    Size: 210 x 70cm


    Material: 100% Yak wool

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