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Handwoven Cozy Yak Wool Blanket

Handwoven Cozy Yak Wool Blanket


This stylish, warm wool blanket is ideal for cozy cuddling hours in your living room or bedroom. It lies comfortably on your skin and does not irritate because owing to its cashmere-like properties.

Color: anthracite-light gray

Material: 40% yak wool, 40% wool, 20% viscose

Colour: hellgrau
  • Yak wool is odor-repellent, breathable, light, absorbs moisture and releases it again and is self-cleaning.

    The yak wool is of the best quality and is derived from the undercoat of the yak cattle, which has a strong insulating and warming effect. The yaks are from Nepal and the blanket was also made there and traded fairly.

    Size: (approx.) 130 x 260 cm.

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