100% Handwoven Cashmere  Pashmina - Pink

100% Handwoven Cashmere Pashmina - Pink


Material: 100% cashmere

Color: pink

This noble cashmere - pashmina was hand woven with lots of love and impresses with its incomparably soft fibers.

SKU: 0379
  • This item's delicate fabric is derived from cashmere goats from the Himalayas.


    It is spun by hand according to Kashmiri-Indian tradition and woven into incomparably soft and noble pashminas.


    The delicate open fringed hem completes the luxurious appearance of this amazing accessory. Made of pure cashmere wool, it offers a variety of combinations as a scarf/stole…


    Size: 205cm long and 105cm wide.


    All our pashminas are delivered in a handmade and stylish gift box.



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